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Information for International Students

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You would like to study PHYSICS in Linz?


We offer:
[warning] high quality instruction (high ratio of teachers : students)
[warning] research at a high international standard
We have strong groups in:

Applied Physics Angewandte Physik
Atomic Physics & Surface Science Atom- & Oberfl\ächenphysik
Biophysics Biophysik
Didactics of Physics Didaktik der Physik
Semiconductor & Solid State Physics Halbleiter- & Festkörperphysik
Soft Matter Physics Physik der Weichen Materie
Theoretical Physics Theoretische Physik

Usually, lectures are held in German. However,

[warning] we have the policy to hold lectures in English on request

(decision of the "Studienkommission" (Studies and Curriculum Committee, 10.12.04): all lectures of the "2. Studienabschnitt" (= from the 5th semester on) can be held in English if any participant asks for it)

You find a (German) list of the courses in the present and recent semesters under the following links:
(giving you the lectures offered by the above groups)

winter 08 summer 08 winter 07 summer 07 winter 06 summer 06 winter 05 summer 05

Further (English) course information via "LVA":
( this system is going to be replaced by kusss, cf.below, so I don't know how long it will still work)

Standard path for the JKU course catalogue: "Kepler University Student Support System"   kusss:   
(click "English" on top → "Course Registration" under "Guestroom" (left menu) → "Mit LVA-Suche" → you'll be prompted for a search term (part of the course title) )
hint: using "Physik", which is part of both German expressions "Physik" (physics) and "physikalisch" (physical), yields most of the physics courses offered in the semester chosen. The differenc to the links above is that i) you miss courses like "surface analysis" but ii) also find courses like "Physikalische Chemie" offered by other institutes.


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