The Macke Foundation, established in cooperation with Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), is announcing a 10 months MSc scholarship, starting in Oct. 2020 for studying at least the winter and summer term at the JKU. Upon successfull completion of the first year of master studies it can be extended by up to 10 more months. The scholarship covers the following master courses:

a) MSc in Biophysics
b) MSc in Technical Physics
c) MSc in Nanoscience and -technology

Lecturing finishes at JKU end of June, the applicants are supposed to take the exams until end of July. The monthly scholarship is 750€, which totals, together with 500€s travel support to 8000€s for the full periode.

The main target group are either (a) students, who are currently in the last year of their Bachelor studies or (b) who have completed until end of February this year their bachelor studies. All students applying should have high marks and should be within the minimal study period plus at most one semester. The applicant is then supposed to study two terms @ JKU attending different courses. The applicant is required (due to legal / visa reasons) to formally enroll at JKU, which also opens the possibility to obtain in a second year a MSc degree from JKU. But the drafting of a MSc thesis is not a requirement for applying. All MSc courses will be taught in English. Only in case if no qualified applicant for the 1st year of MSc is applying, MSc students in the 2nd year (preparing their MSc thesis) will be considered for the scholarship.

Applicants for the scholarship are requested to submit the following documents until 16th of May of this year. The selection will then be done until 30th of May, after a Skype interview. The following documents are required for the evaluation (scanned, PDF format, zipped, to be sent until 16th of May to <>):

(1a) Transcript of records for the first 3 (or 3.5) years, in national language and translation into English (or German)
(1b) Final high school diploma: in national language and translation into English (or German)
(1c) Only for students in the 1st MSc year: Original of the Bachelor certificate in national language and translation into English (or German)
(1d) Diploma Supplement in national language and translation into English (or German); if nationally applicable, see Diploma Supplement
(All translations can be done by the applicant or web based)

(2) A motivation letter in English or German, which covers at least the following topics:
a) motif(s), why the applicant wants to study in Austria and at JKU
b) planned lectures at JKU ( see KUSSS lectures of the current year and the year before)
c) scientific topics of interest and related institutes, where the applicant would want to work during his MSc thesis, if he / she plans to graduate at JKU.

(3) Two recommendation letters of professors having taught BSc courses for the applicant and knowing the applicant well; in English or German.

(4) Copy of passport

(5) Evidence for knowledge of English (and in case German, can be proven e.g. with a mark in the high school diploma.)

All the documents mentioned in (1) do not need to be certified or authorized (German / English) translations. Only the selected candidate should, after being informed about his or her selection, formally enroll as soon as possible via internet on the JKU student registration page for applicants holding an international undergraduate degree, where authorized translations and apostilles from the Austrian embassy / consulate are needed.

Once again, for the application the mentioned documents should be sent to <> in a scanned and zipped form in PDF format until 16th of May.

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