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H. Iro, Klassische Mechanik, Universitätsverlag R. Trauner, Linz 1996 (3. Auflage)

The main intention of the book is the application of the notions of stability, first integrals and chaotic behaviour right from the beginning to the solutions of Newtons equations for model systems: pendulum, harmonic oscillator, 1dimensional nonlinear oscillator, Hénon-Heiles system, 1/r potential (Runge-Lenz vector). Besides the usual topics (Kepler problem, rigid body, small oscillations, Lagrangian description, Hamiltons principle, canonical transformations) some systems are considered which are not so familiar: a particle in a constant magnetic field together with an 1/r-potential, 2 centers problem, constrained 3 body system (The latter is used to illustrate the question of the stability of the solar system). All these systems are either integrable or chaotic. The conditions for the integrability of a Hamiltonian system lead to Hamilton-Jacobi theory and to canonical perturbation theory ("large denominators", Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theorem). 

H. Iro, Klassichna Mechanika, Lviv national university, Lviv 1999

Revised and enlarged Ukrainian edition; translated by R. Gaida and Yu. Holovatch


H. Iro, A Modern Approach to Classical Mechanics, World Scientific, Singapore 2003

Revised and enlarged English edition 


"Harmonie und Physik - Die Hälse der Integrale und die Schönheit der Physik" in "Der Harmoniegedanke Gestern und Heute", ed. F. Pichler, Universitätsverlag R. Trauner, Linz 2003

"Auf den Schulter von Giganten" in "Von den Planetentheorien zur Himmelsmechanik", ed. F. Pichler, Universitätsverlag R. Trauner, Linz 2004

"Über die Entstehung der analytischen Mechanik" in "Von Newton zu Gauss", ed. F. Pichler and M. v. Renteln, Universitätsverlag R. Trauner, Linz 2006

"Eulers analytische Mechanik" (2007) in “Leonhard Euler, Mathematiker – Mechaniker – Physiker“, ed. G. Biegel, A. Klein und T. Sonar, Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Braunschweig 2008

"Die Wirkung von Newtons Principia in Frankreich", in “Kosmisches Wissen von Peuerbach bis Laplace” (Peuerbach Symposium, September 2008), ed. F. Pichler and M. von Renteln, Universitätsverlag R. Trauner, Linz 2009

On the evolution of Modern Sciences”, 2009, to be published



"Why not just integrate Newtons second law numerically?" , "Svit Phisiki" (World of Physics) 2, 1 (2000), talk given at the presentation of the Ukrainian edition of the book in Lviv, Feb. 22, 2000.

"On the development of analytical mechanics", talk given at the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics in Lviv (Ukraine), Nov. 8, 2006

"The emergence of Modern Science from Philosophy", talk given in an interdisciplinary seminar at the Catholic University in Lviv (Ukraine), Nov. 9, 2006

"Die Eulersche Mechanik", Kepler Symposium, Linz, May 23, 2007

"Bodies, particles, and corpuscles in Newton's Principia", presented at the 3rd International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, Vienna, September 2008

"Decretis nos obsequi profitemur - Wir gehorchen den Edikten [des Papstes]", presented at the meeting of the Austrian Physical Society in Leoben, September 2008

“Zum Konzept der Kohäsion”, to be presented at the meeting of the Austrian Physical Society in Innsbruck, September 2009



"Let Newton be" (PowerPoint)

The slide show (in German) about Newton's Prinipia is intended for a general audience and takes 11 minutes


Lectures on Theoretical Physics 

·        Classical Mechanics

·        Electrodynamics

·        Quantum Mechanics

·        Thermodynamics and Statistics

·        Theoretical Physics for Mathematicians

·        Theoretical Physics, parts II and III (Teachers curriculum)

·        Theory of Relativity

·        Atomic Physics

·        Advanced Quantum Mechanics

·        Quantum Field Theory

·        Dynamical Critical Phenomena

·        Magnetism


  Lecture on the History of Analytical Mechanics (in German)



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